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Fee Schedule
Value Added Services
Company Secretarial Services HK$2,000.00 per annum
Initial Secretarial Services/Initial Document Services HK$1,500.00 (one off payment)
Deregistration of defunct solvent private companies HK$2,500.00 (one off payment)
Registered Office HK$2,000.00 per annum (Government register only)
Business Address & Registered Office HK$3,960.00 per annum
Nominee Shareholder HK$2,000.00 per annum
Nominee Director HK$3,000.00 per annum
Change of Company Name HK$1,200.00 (one off payment)
Increase of Authorised Capital HK$1,200.00 (one off payment)
Allotment of Shares HK$1,200.00 (one off payment)
Consolidation of Shares HK$1,200.00 (one off payment)
Preparation and filing Annual Return HK$1,200.00 @ set
Appointment and resignation of director or secretary HK$500.00 @ set
Notification of change of address HK$500.00 @ set
Share Transfer HK$1,000.00 @ set
Share Transfer – Additional Set HK$300.00 @ set
Declaration of Trust HK$500.00 @ set
Power of Attorney HK$1,000.00 @ set
Certified True Copy by CPA HK$500.00 @ set
Certified True Copy by CPA - Additional set HK$200.00 @ set
Bank A/C opening Services HK$1,500.00 @ bank
Designated Telephone Line HK$1,500.00 per annum
Courier Fee HK$550.00 @ company – for overseas client
T/T Bank Charges HK$250.00 @ T/T – for overseas client
Bulk Mail Redirection HK$350.00 @ time plus estimated postage
Other Services Please Ask for details.
Remark: Disbursements & Government Fees are not included.