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About Us
TOPWORLD REGISTRATIONS LIMITED, provides Corporate Management Services for new and ongoing businesses, from individual businesses to large corporations and multinationals. We specialize in worldwide company formation services and are one of the foremost and most economical providers of company formation, registration and incorporation formation services in Hong Kong, Offshore & Worldwide since 1996. Our reputation, developed over years of practice & continued growth over years in Hong Kong.
We located in Hong Kong, one of the four largest financial centres, which make it ideal for international tax planning. All of the leading banks and brokerage houses in the world have offices situated in here. A sophisticated banking system plus the absence of tax treaties provides considerable confidentiality. No exchange control, litter government intervention, tax-free markets exist in gold, stocks and futures; no taxes are levied for offshore contracts. Hong Kong is a doorstep to China as we enter the new century. Economic guaranteed by China ensure the persistence of a low-tax, free trade, minimum regulation, free enterprise economy known as One Country, Two Systems. Clients are confident with their future development in one place with confidentiality with future group strategies that different jurisdictions may be created.
We specialize in the provision of company formation. It is our policy to provide a fast, reliable and efficient service. Our team of specialists will treat your business with the utmost care where every order is important. We have many years experience in the formations and secretarial services industry, well motivated and very competent. We aim to provide a quality of service, competitively priced and professionally presented company search information.
We give our customers more time and peace-of-mind by going beyond the industry standard, performing comprehensive corporate management services with fair rates, no hidden charges and real government filing fees. Our commitment to our customers does not stop after their order. Also, we have a dependable network of experienced business partners that includes logo design, accounting firms, financing services, Web site hosting and other services typically needed by small business owners.

TOPWORLD conducts business on a VERY PRIVATE, PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL BASIS and client associations are highly valued. Confidentiality and non-disclosure are the cornerstones of the financial industry.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you our services. Please explore our website or contact us by facsimile or e-mail for clarification or additional information